Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator for effective email discovery

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an invaluable tool for sales professionals and businesses looking to streamline their prospecting efforts. However, extracting email addresses can be a bit tricky. In this detailed guide, we will dive into effective strategies for finding email addresses using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Understanding LinkedIn Sales Navigator's Advanced Features

Before embarking on your quest to find email addresses, it's essential to understand the capabilities of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This platform offers advanced search filters, allowing you to pinpoint the right prospects by industry, company size, role, and more. By leveraging these features, you can create a highly targeted list of potential contacts. Remember, LinkedIn Sales Navigator does not directly provide email addresses, but with the right approach, you can gather this information indirectly. It's about connecting the dots and using available data to your advantage.

Connecting with Prospects to Unlock Email Information

A straightforward method to find a prospect's email address is by establishing a connection. Once a prospect accepts your connection request, you have a better chance of accessing their contact information, provided they've made it available on their profile. Craft a personalized message when sending connection requests. Explain who you are, why you're reaching out, and how connecting could be mutually beneficial. Being genuine and offering value increases the likelihood of acceptance.

Utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMails Effectively

If you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, you're allotted a certain number of InMail credits. Use these credits wisely to reach out to prospects who are not yet connections. In your InMail, introduce yourself, provide context for your outreach, and politely inquire if they're open to sharing their email for further discussion. Remember, personalized InMails tend to have higher response rates, so take the time to tailor your message to the recipient's background and business needs.

Leverage mutual connections for introductions

Sometimes, the best way to reach someone is through a mutual connection on Kanbox. LinkedIn Sales Navigator displays how you're connected to a prospect. If you share a connection, consider reaching out to that person for an introduction. Pro Tip: Be specific when requesting an introduction. Explain why you wish to connect with the prospect and how you intend to provide value. Mutual connections are more likely to facilitate an introduction if they see a clear benefit for both parties.

Exploit the 'People also viewed' section

Another strategy for finding email addresses involves the 'People Also Viewed' section on LinkedIn profiles. This section can lead you to similar professionals or colleagues of your prospect. These individuals may have their email addresses listed directly on their profiles, or you might find alternative contact methods that could eventually lead you to the primary prospect's email.

Combine LinkedIn Sales Navigator with other tools

For a more direct approach, consider pairing LinkedIn Sales Navigator with email-finding tools. There are numerous third-party services that can help you deduce or verify a professional's email address based on their LinkedIn profile information. While this method may require additional investment, it can drastically speed up the process of building an email list. Keep in Mind: Always respect privacy and spam laws when using email-finding tools. Ensure you have consent to contact individuals and that your outreach complies with applicable regulations.


Finding email addresses using LinkedIn Sales Navigator requires a mix of savvy networking, use of advanced features, and sometimes, the assistance of additional tools. By applying these strategies with a focus on personalization and value-driven communication, you'll be able to build a robust list of prospects for your sales initiatives. Remember to always engage ethically, respecting the privacy and preferences of your potential contacts.

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